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Stories from FAVOR USA.
Real people, real problems, real recoveries

FAVOR SA Vice-Chairman, Lawrence Sims, shares his commitment:

"It was my 26th year of alcohol drinking and my 43rd year of life, when I was convinced that I was never going to see age 50 because the last 12 years was unmanageable and degrading to say the least.

It December of 1986, God intervened and led me to recovery and since that day my life has taken on new meaning. My attitude to life changed because I was fortunate to follow directions from others who had experienced the same thing and had recovered. I began to follow their suggestions and soon started practicing their program of recovery and became engaged in service.

The grace of God has since spared me and is keeping me sober for almost 19 years thus far! So, not only did I reach and enjoy the feared 50th year of my life, but also the 61st year and still counting! Not only did my life change, my WHOLE life changed!

I am now more convinced than ever before that in order to keep my form of sobriety in recovery, I have to give it away to those who are still suffering and struggling. I am forever thankful and grateful to the teachings for my wisdom in recovery, because I even want to share that, by my action in service of Faces and Voices of Recovery in South Africa.

My duty now is to keep my fellow man in contented sobriety and recovery. Those being in want, and rightly so, of an identification, peace of mind, and knowledge to prosper in life, without having to look over their shoulder any longer.

My primary purpose now is to do myself a FAVOR in letting others too enjoy contented sobriety in recovery from substance abuse."