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in group sessionResearch tells us that individuals who complete treatment have a far greater chance of sustained recovery success if they stay linked to a recovery support program. FavorSA has recently added Recovery Support Programs to the continuum of care as a way to assist individuals and families in actively working a recovery plan and to provide long term recovery support.

Our programs augment existing addiction treatment programs and focus on developing and expanding people’s strengths and capacities and emphasizes autonomy and skills development. The purposes of our services is to extent – not duplicate, replace, or compete with – important services already available.

Our programs are highly structured and ensure the successful re-integration of our clients into society. They are designed to promote a sense of self-worth, community connectedness, & quality of life—all important factors in sustaining recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders.

Our Programs help individuals to sustain their recovery after the formal addiction treatment has been completed through consultation, skills training, and hands on peer support.

Our objective is to help our clients achieve and sustain recovery through the transfer of experiential knowledge and experiential expertise by peers and through our roles as recovery guide, truth-teller, role model and mentor. Peers assist with the transition from treatment to long term recovery, and help clients deal with issues of spirituality, emotions, stigma, acceptance, and occupational sectors of their lives.

Evidence has shown that an ongoing peer relationship helps to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations while advancing their recovery. Peer support models affirms that there is innate health and wellness in each of us and a steadfast belief in the power of human potential. Peers support peers to take responsibility for their own healing process. Our focus is solution based with emphasis on the here and now and what you can do today to move forward.

Peers further assist one another and their families to develop sobriety-based rituals of daily living, rebuilding lives, healing families, repairing communities and self-sufficiency restored.  We focus on establishing goals and developing a community support system while enjoying quality of life, balance and holistic wellness. Through peer support we are able to sustain great and meaningful lives.

In groups we choose to focus on the present, reframing negativity, using de-triangulation techniques, opening up closed systems and working with boundaries and alliances.

Our program is delivered through the following settings:

  • Individual Coaching & mentoring where a one-on-one relationship is formed with the client;

  • Relapse Prevention Group where the focus is on identifying triggers and teaching appropriate skills;

  • Life Skill Groups where issues such as

    • time management,

    • daily structure,

    • financial planning,

    • anger management,

    • communication,

    • parenting skills,

    • relational skills,

    • motivation and self-esteem,

    • responsible decision making,

    •  social engagement and

    •  responsibilities.

  • Recovery Support Group where awareness of emotions and feelings are explored and peer support provided.

  • Spiritual Support Group. During the group process clients are coached to adopt positive values and principles, identifying a sense of purpose, and helped to achieve and maintain serenity and peace of mind. An introduction to breathing and meditation techniques are also taught.

  • Family Support Group. Topics that are addressed include Medical Aspects of Chemical Dependency, Stages of Family recovery, Cross-Addiction, Enabling and co-dependency; Healthy Communication and Boundaries. In our groups we help people to understand that there is more to Recovery than using alcohol and/or drugs, and that Recovery is about creating a better life for all.

In our peer support program, we respect the following 5 Core Values:

  • Recovery – Personal Recovery comes first in all that we do;

  • Inclusion - Recovery is a big tent and there is room for everyone;

  • Authenticity – Members of the Recovery Community use their direct experiences to identify the problems and needs in recovery and find ways to address them;

  • Participatory process – The full participation and commitment of individual members helps to build strong, vibrant Recovery Communities;

  • Leadership development – Developing new leaders enriches the community and helps ensure the community’s growing.

animation of circle of friendsFor more information, please contact us at support@favor.org.za